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Garbage Disposal Aurora

Garbage Disposal Aurora

Preparing and cooking food is one of the most common activities in your house because we all need to eat, so we use the kitchen most of the time. Even if you prefer ordering takeouts, you would still have some food. And in some cases, you will end up having leftovers. And when you dispose of it, you should put it somewhere where it would not attract pests. You do not want any pests living in your beautiful home, which is why a garbage disposal unit is a great help for your everyday life. However, there are times that your garbage disposal would need services for efficient and effective removal of the trash. Our experts at Garbage Disposal Aurora can efficiently deliver the services regarding your unit, including a garbage disposal clogged.

The Common Issues Of A Garbage Disposal Unit

As mentioned above, there are many advantages of a garbage disposal unit, which include proper hygiene. However, if it has some issues, it could reverse the situation. That is why our professional plumbers offer services to make sure your unit is in great condition, and in case of repairs, we have the best people for the job. Here are the common signs when you should call our professionals at Garbage Disposal Aurora.

If the unit does not turn on, you have to make sure that you have done the basic troubleshooting. Turn your unit off, and check if it is plugged into your electrical socket properly. Also, check your breaker if the outlet’s reset has been pushed. If you have done all those steps and still your unit does not turn on whenever you switch it, call us immediately as it may require complex repairs.

When you turn on your unit, and you hear a humming sound, there is a pretty good chance that your machine is clogged. Turn your unit off and wear gloves, and remove all the things that are jamming the blades. And to prevent this from happening in the future, you should be careful about what you put inside your garbage disposal unit. You should never put in fats and oils, starchy vegetables, large bones or any amount, and even eggshells. These things are the most common reasons for garbage disposal being clogged.

Since your garbage disposal unit is handling your trash, you can expect that you will smell some foul odor from time to time. It could be because of the various foods you put in there. However, there is a way to prevent it. One of the best approaches is to put some lemon wedges periodically or baking soda and vinegar. Using either of these methods will prevent your unit from emitting undesirable smells. And if these terrible scents do not stop after you have done some precautions, call us, and we will thoroughly check what causes the issue.

There are times that your unit would leak. In this case, you have to turn it off because it could worsen the situation. Depending on where the leak is, it can be a minor repair where it just needs some tightening or a major repair that needs replacing some parts. And in some cases, it is more reasonable to replace the whole unit itself. And if you decide to take that path, we have our experts at Garbage Disposal Replacement Aurora to handle that for you. We would remove the previous unit and install a new one to the desired location of your new unit.

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Keeping your home clean is important, so you have to make sure that your garbage disposal unit is functioning properly. For efficient and effective garbage disposal unit services, call our experts at Garbage Disposal Aurora. We will make sure your unit is effective in keeping your home clean and hygienic.



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